The way you walk is very revealing of your mood and your health, here are 5 clues to investigate your approach | fit foodie finds


The way you walk is very revealing of your mood and your health, here are 5 clues to investigate your approach


The way you walk reveals not only a person’s psychological state but also real health problems. You may think that exaggerated hip movements and a “dance” back are synonymous with sensuality in a passer-by. Still, in reality, it is more than likely that he presents problems in the muscles of his back.

Fit Foodie Finds bring you 5 tests today that will allow you, by merely observing how someone walks, to diagnose different diseases.


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Excessively moving the arms, just like sticking them to the body, is strange. When walking, the arms should help the movement, but not hinder it or make it faster.


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Here’s how you should do it:

  • The left-arm must appear in front at the same time as the right foot and vice versa.
  • The movements of the arms should be symmetrical. The hands should be relaxed.
  • It is not recommended to keep your hands in your pockets. This prevents the correct position of the body.
  • The load should be evenly distributed between the two hands to avoid bending the spine. Experts recommend opting for a backpack instead of a handbag.



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Everything is effortless here: the head must stand upright. Most people suffer from excessive stress on the neck. If the head is tilted while walking, it will be challenging to avoid headaches. While walking, try to make sure the head is aligned with the spine. You should only look at the ground with your eyes without moving your head.


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The easiest way to detect trouble while walking is to look at the posture. The ideal is to walk with your back straight, the abdomen inwards, and your shoulders relaxed and slightly backward. Leaning over, having your shoulders up, with your back convex or, conversely, too concave, brings muscle pain, fatigue, and alterations in the bloodstream. Also, the curvature of the spine denotes the symptoms of a person hurting in his skin and depressed.


Watch your steps or those of your loved ones. Many signs should make you think about how you walk.


  • The steps are too short. One possible cause is damage to the knee joints.
  • The hips are swinging. A possible cause: weakness of the back muscles.healthy walking
  • I am walking with a lot of noise. A possible cause: loss of sensation in the feet.
  • Feet are lying on. A possible cause: decreased movement control, flaccidity of the leg muscles.
  • Movements and swinging as you walk. A possible cause: tightening of a lumbar nerve.
  • Walking by jumping. A possible cause: tension in the calf muscles.
  • Walking limping. A possible cause: an injury or difference in length between one leg and the other.
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Here’s how you should do it:

  • The heel must produce the first contact with the ground, then you must gradually roll the surface of your foot until your weight falls on the tip.
  • The feet should be placed parallel to each other. The “online” walk, typical of the mannequins, causes distortions.
  • The step of both feet should be the same: between 1.5 and 2 centimeters longer than the length of your foot. To accelerate the pace, it is better to strengthen the thrust of the tip and not the length of the step. healthy walking
  • The body must not go beyond the foot.


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First of all, you have to be careful with the print of your shoes. If the sole is uniform, everything is perfect. But if you can see wear on the inside or the outside, your foot is deformed. This can cause problems when choosing shoes, as well as cause fatigue while walking and finally osteoarthritis.

Take a look:

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The benefits of walking

Remember that walking properly can only bring you great benefits.

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  • improves memory
  • speed up metabolism
  • develops coordination
  • strengthen muscles
  • strengthens the cardiovascular system
  • improves mood health walk psychological

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